citron and rose tavern chef

richard distefano

The Restaurant School At Walnut Hill College.


Chester Springs PA

Husbandto wife Alyce 

Father of four:

Anthony, 16; Gianna, 15; Ava, 7; 

Giovanni, 9 months.  


Rick Landry

Executive Chef 
Private Chef


Recent recognition:


  • Best of Mainline  2018-2019

  • 2018 Judges choice Championof Best taco in Philadelphia and Delaware Valley  by W.I.P Sports Radio Glenn Macnows clash of the taco competition held at Delaware Park and Casino.  "Taco was braised short rib with Kimchi and watercress salad lemon grass crema."




"Respect the food you work with from smallest of herbs to the best cut of meat or seafood." "Be an artist in the kitchen. use the plate as your canvas. create layers of flavors that tempt and tease your customers palate. turn them onto different foods. make them want more."

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